How to stay qualified to test

Stay qualified as an MOT Tester

How to stay qualified to test as an MOT Tester?

This blog will explain how to stay qualified to test if you are an MOT Tester.  There are ONLY 4 things you need to do

  • MOT Tester Annual Training
  • Keep a record of your training
  • Take and pass you annual assessment
  • Register your pass with the MTS

To help ensure you know everything that you and your testers need to do before the March 31st deadline, we have collated a simple breakdown of tasks you can check off your to-do-list below.

1.Complete at least 3 hours of DVSA training each year and 16 hours in five years

With all the focus being on getting your annual assessment completed on time, many testers forget about the 3 hours of DVSA training that they must complete by the same deadline. Delivery of annual training is on subjects set out by the DVSA in the 2019-20 Annual Curriculum.

To help make these 3 hours a more achievable task, we’ve split the training into twelve 15-minute online modules. You can take these anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Our existing testers love our DVSA training because:

– It is easy to use, even for computer beginners
– We store your training records automatically in one place
– It is great value, high quality training

If you want to know more about annual MOT tester training please check out our Ultimate Guide to MOT Tester Training

2. Record your training in a training log
Here's a free download of our MOT Juice training log template.

To prove to the DVSA that you have completed the 3 hours of DVSA training when the VE comes knocking, you must keep a training log.

To save you time and hassle, why not use our free training log template provided below to get you started.

free training log template

3. Book and take your annual assessment
Sit your DVSA annual assessment with MOT Juice on your laptop.

The DVSA annual assessment is a multiple choice, 30 question assessment with a time limit of 60 minutes. The pass mark for this year’s exam is 70%.

Save yourself time by taking your annual assessment online, anytime, anywhere, with MOT Juice.

Benefits of taking your Annual Assessment with MOT Juice:

Take your exam within minutes of purchase
Pause and save your exam at any time
Discounts are available for 10 or more exams. Just call us on 01293 911120

Get that important task out of the way by booking your Annual Assessment below today.

4. Record the result of your annual assessment

You will need to log into your MOT Testing Service account and record the result of your annual assessment in the ‘annual assessment certificates’

If you do not pass then you will need to re-take the assessment.  There is no limit on the number of times you can re-take the assessment but you will need to pay each time.

Once your have your assessment certificate is you should keep it with your training record or log.

How to stay qualified to test in one easy-to-use system

By buying your training and exam as a bundle, you not only save money, you also save time as everything is in one place.

Our system automatically reminds your testers to take their training and exam, all modules and assessment are online and available on multiple devices and our system automatically records your testers results and prompts you if any of your testers haven’t completed their training or exam yet!

We hope you are now more aware of everything you need to do to stay qualified as an MOT Tester before the 31st March deadline!

Good luck everyone!

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