May the 4th be with you, MOT Testers

Holy Sith, Star Wars Day is upon us again! As well as Star Wars references, May the 4th brings a new MOT training year, and a chance to reflect and prepare for the battle that lies ahead. As restrictions are lifted, newly empowered Stormtroopers from The Empire are marching towards test centres faster than an Ewok on a runaway speeder bike… will you be ready? Continue reading “May the 4th be with you, MOT Testers”

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2021/22 DVSA Training and the Exam Extension

April 1st usually marks the start of a new annual DVSA training and assessment year.

However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the DVSA have allowed the 2020-21 year to be extended by 1 month with the deadline now set to 30th April 2021. Continue reading “2021/22 DVSA Training and the Exam Extension”

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System Update – New Training Courses Library

It’s almost the end of yet another DVSA Training and Assessment year – except this time it’s unlike any we’ve had before (for a lot of testers).

April 30th marks the end of the 5th year of training and assessments, which also means that for the majority of testers, they’ll need to be able to evidence not only that they’ve been completing 3 hours of DVSA curriculum training each year, but also 16 hours since April 1st 2016.

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Mot Exemption May be Revoked at Any Time

From 30th March 2020, for 1 year, the Government will issue a 6 month MOT exemption. MOT vehicle tests will not be required for 6 months.

Our sources tell us this policy may be revoked at any time. Once lockdown is over it offers a glimmer of hope for struggling MOT garages to be able to get back on their feet.

This policy will be put in place for the next 12 months but will remain in place only if necessary. How will this work?

Continue reading “Mot Exemption May be Revoked at Any Time”

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DVSA Updates: TQI Guidance for MOT Managers

TQI Guidance for MOT Managers

In October 2018, the DVSA published new MOT TQI Guidance for MOT managers explaining what information MOT testers and managers should regularly check.

It’s now a requirement that testers need to understand more about how to read their TQI data. The DVSA’s official guidance below explains how to view and interpret MOT test quality information and test logs for managers.
Continue reading “DVSA Updates: TQI Guidance for MOT Managers”

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MOT Tools and Equipment – Preparing for a site visit

MOT tools and equipment and tools need to be kept in order.  Here is our advice on how to keep prepared for a site visit

Barry Babister from MOT Juice provides guidance on how you should prepare your MOT  for the inevitable DVSA site review with regards to your MOT tools and equipment.

Continue reading “MOT Tools and Equipment – Preparing for a site visit”

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