TQI MOT – Test Quality Information Guidance for MOT Managers

TQI MOT – Guidance for MOT Managers on how to deal with TQI data

In October 2018 the DVSA published new  TQI (test quality information) guidance explaining what information MOT testers and MOT managers should regularly check.

It’s now a requirement that managers and testers understand more about how to review their TQI data.

The DVSA’s official guidance below explains how to view and interpret MOT test quality information and test logs for managers. Continue reading “TQI MOT – Test Quality Information Guidance for MOT Managers”

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TQI analysis

TQI analysis tool is live!

We make it easy for tester to fulfil mandatory DVSA requirements with regards to TQI analysis and review.

Review this data (TQI) regularly and look into any unusual differences and record the outcome.

DVSA website – Using MOT test quality information: guidance for MOT testers – Published 10 October 2018

MOT Juice can download every testers test quality information automatically every month. Analyse the data and clearly show failure rate variance to national averages. It is easy for the tester to record reasons for variance and any action they need to take.

The MOT Juice management overview can see TQI review progress in detail including any action that is needed.

Continue reading “TQI analysis”

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