Annual DVSA training delivered in bite-sized pieces!

Bite-sized Training

Annual DVSA Training Delivered in Bite-sized Pieces!


Why lose your staff for a full day to training courses when the annual DVSA training courses can come to you?

Online training delivered to each tester means they do not need to take time out of work – and earning you money – just to do their annual MOT Training.


Choose the easiest way to do your annual training and exams and stay one step ahead of the DVSA.

Delivered to you via email and only taking 15 mins per month.  Keep on top of your commitments to MOT Testing because the MOT Juice system will automatically create record and store your training evidence.

start your annual training now!

If you’re still unsure, simply click the button below to try our FREE 30 day trial which includes one month’s worth of training modules for all of your testers and much, much more.

free 30 day demo

Check our the MOT Juice Complete Guide to MOT Tester Training

We tell you everything you need to know about the annual training to keep up your qualification to test. What the requirements are for annual training for testers, what needs to be studied and who is responsible for it.

Need to talk to a human for more information? Lines open Mon-Fri 9-5 on:

01293 911120

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