Have your testers done their MOT training and assessment?

MOT training and assessment

Have Your Testers Done Their MOT Training and Assessment?

Time is running out to that crucial March 31st deadline! You need to make sure your testers have done their MOT training and assessment

There’s only 3 months to go, so do you know whether your testers have completed their annual assessment and annual training?

If the answer’s no, don’t worry there’s no need to panic, let us help you out!

By joining MOT Juice you and your testers will have access to previous 15 minute training modules from the past year and, in addition, they’ll be able to complete their annual assessment online, any time they’re ready.

For access to a free set of training modules simply sign up for our 30 day free trial of the MOT Juice system.  Each tester will get a free module of training and a free module of our CPD (continuing professional development).

start your free annual training

You are responsible for making sure your testers have completed their training and assessment by Sunday 31st March 2019. Above all it will avoid them being suspended from testing.

There will not be an extension so your testers MUST do this in plenty of time before the deadline. They must not leave it to the last minute.

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Or try our free 30 day demo and you’ll get one month’s free training for you and your testers as well as a trial of all our amazing VTS tools. What have you got to lose?

30 day free demo

For more information on how our system can help you and your garage please contact us on 01293 911120 or by email at info@motjuice.co.uk.

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