MOT QC check template update

MOT QC Check Template Updates – Our QC checks have had a fresh lick of paint.

We’ve spent the last couple of months re-building our mot QC check template process to add more functionality as well as making it easier to use.

Read on to find out performing QC checks on the MOT Juice system has become even easier.

How is that possible you say….

What’s new with MOT Juice QC checks

    • Added a new type of QC check – Re-tested.
    • Re-designed the recorded QC check process.
    • You can now navigate a routine check better with the re-designed menu bar.
    • You can describe how actions were resolved when checking off actions from previous checks.
    • Upload documents to routine QC checks.
    • We’ve made acknowledging checks easier for testers.
    • Added a schedule ability to set up a planned QC check.

What is MOT Juice and how does it work?

What’s changed with MOT Juice QC checks

We have changed:

    • how we show the order of the observed/routine check to be more MOT friendly.
    • the name of our ‘observed’ check to ‘routine’ check.
    • QC scores to Green, Amber and Red.
    • the process so QC checks are now even more focused on maintaining quality standards within your business.

Our MOT QC checks template have grown with the addition of  a ‘re-tested QC’

Today, we launched a new method of QC checking to help encourage a high level of testing standards within your MOT business. The MOT Juice ‘Re-tested’ QC check is designed to compare findings from an MOT that was completed by 2 separate MOT testers.

Selecting a type of QC Check template in the MOT Juice system
We have a choice of three different QC check templates to choose from. Select one at the beginning of the QC Check process

A fresh look to recorded QC checks

With our latest update, we’ve changed how you input QC checks that you have completed using your own company processes and forms. We have aimed to make entering your QC details into your MOT Juice system much easier.

QC Checks must be performed on both classes of MOT testers.  If you need a form for your MOT Business simply follow the links below to our FREE MOT QC Check Template forms.

MOT QC Check Template Motorcycles – Classes 1 and 2

MOT QC Check Template  Cars and vans – Classes 3,4,5 and 7

A new menu bar for routine QC checks

We’ve had a lot of feedback since originally releasing our routine QC checks last year. We’ve upgraded the menu bar so that you can easily record notes and actions as you go. We have also provided the ability to jump to sections of the QC check making it much easier whilst being able to track progress within each section.

Increased functionality of the MOT Juice QC check process
The new menu bar makes it much easier to use the QC check system

Describe how actions were resolved

On every QC check you have the ability to record actions that the tester needs to complete before their next QC check. With our new update, we’re introduced the ability to state exactly how each action was completed when checking it off the list. This therefore helps to improve the audit and progress trail within your QC process.

Upload documents to routine checks

We’ve always allowed uploading documents to recorded QC checks. Because some MOT Juice users asked for the ability to add documents to their routine QC checks we have now added this in. This means when you reach the end of your routine QC check, you can scan or take a photo with your smartphone/tablet and upload any documents to the QC check.

Testers can now acknowledge QC checks easier than before

QC Check History
QC Checks must be acknowledged by the tester. Everyone knows the tester is aware of the QC check and any issues raised

We’ve made it much clearer to testers which of their QC checks have been acknowledged and which have not. When a tester logs into their MOT Juice account, they’ll see a grid with their most recent QC checks and easily see what ones they need to review. Not only that, but we’ve also added a date and time stamp so that as the business owner, you can see when each of your testers are reviewing their QC checks and acknowledging them.

New schedule ability

Have you ever done a QC check where the outcome wasn’t the best, and wanted to arrange another QC check in the coming days? You’re not alone. Now when you finish a QC check in the MOT Juice system, you can schedule the testers next QC check – perhaps there’s some actions you need the tester to complete before they test vehicles again, so you may want to schedule a QC check in the next 2 days to ensure the tester has resolved any issues picked up in their recent QC check.

This feature sends everyone involved in the QC process a notification what the original result of the QC check was, when it occurred and when their next QC check has been scheduled, as well as a reminder on the day a scheduled QC check is due.

Simply pick a date from the drop down calendar to schedule a QC check in addition to the regular check should a tester have issues to address regarding their testing methods and standards as advised by the DVSA – MOT Testing Guide Section B6 Para. 11i

For more information on our latest updates to QC checks and what MOT Juice can do for you. Please do not hesitate to contact our Support Team for more information on

01293 911 120

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