Free MOT annual training modules!

free training modules with MOT Juice

Free MOT Annual Training Modules! Really? Yes!

Try some of our free MOT annual training modules right now, absolutely free, no payment details needed and absolutely no obligation. What have you got to lose?

We believe you need to trust how good MOT Juice is so we made it free for a month.  The whole system. Everything. Including a couple of free mot training modules fro each and every one of your testers.

The catch? You will need to sign up for a month free trail.

1 Hour of free annual training – click here!

Easy as A, B, C…

A. Simply click on the button above
B. Fill in the forms
C. Get involved

Don’t forget it is just a computer program so click around and have a good poke into all the corners.  You won’t be able to break it and if you do we’ll fix it.  Any time you need some help just give us a quick ring and we’ll sort you out.

“Without MOT Juice, I don’t think the training would be getting done to a high standard.” – Ian Edwards – Auto Enterprises

free 30 day demo

Need to talk to a human for more information? Lines open Mon-Fri 9-5 on:

01293 911120
For more information on how our system can help you and your garage please contact us on 01293 911120 or by email at

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Author: seanthemac

When not trying to tear the chicken strips off his Ducati’s tyres, Sean can be found coordinating the production of our training and CPD, keeping tabs on the finances, writing content for our blogs, guiding our marketing efforts and working with the team to plan out future development and evolution of MOT Juice.

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