2019-20 MOT training curriculum

2019/20 Training Curriculum
Get Clued Up On This Year’s 2019-20 MOT Training Curriculum

We know you’ve only just recovered from the rush of last year’s DVSA Training & Assessment, but we wanted to give you a head start on next year’s 2019-20 MOT training curriculum

We also wanted to let you know that the pass mark for the 2019-20 annual assessment remains at 70%.

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The DVSA set the annual curriculum by analysing feedback and data from customers, roadside inspections and road traffic data. They also analyse tester quality information (TQI) and test logs for anomalies in testing standards.

The annual MOT training should therefore improve any deficiencies in application of the correct testing standards. Updates to the MOT testing manuals and the MOT Testing Guide are always hot topics.

The DVSA will also be wanting to make sure every tester is knowledgeable about how to administer their MOT Tester account.  You can expect to see questions regarding the MOT Testing Service.

Other important topics will be the download and analysis of TQI data because this shows failure rates against national averages. It is therefor a great place to start looking to detect any possible reasons for poor testing standards.

Test logs are a critical report for MOT Centre owners to enable identification of questionable testing practices.

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