MOT Tester Annual Training – The Complete Guide

MOT training and assessment

MOT Tester Annual Training is an essential responsibility of MOT Testers. Each year MOT Testers must undertake

    • 3 hours of training.
    • keep a record of their training

Maybe you are a new tester, a new MOT manager or just want to make sure your knowledge of MOT Tester training is correct. This blog post contains the answers to your questions. Read on for a complete guide to MOT tester training.

This guide is here to answer the questions below with regards to MOT tester annual training.

  • What is MOT tester annual training
  • What are the training requirements
  • How do I study?
  • What do I need to study?
  • How do I record my training?

What is MOT tester annual training?

3 hours of mandatory training based on the topics issued by the DVSA each year.

The purpose of MOT Tester annual training is ensure you have the knowledge to deliver the correct outcome of an MOT. You must also make the correct decisions about MOT testing in your day-to-day role at an MOT Testing Centre. You must

  • know how to apply the current testing methods and standards as set by the DVSA.
  • be aware of any updates to the MOT Testing Manuals and the MOT Testing Guide
  • be familiar with and able to administrate your account on the MOT Testing Service

What are the annual training requirements?

Anyone who is an MOT Tester and wishes to stay qualified to test must undertake annual MOT training. Consisting of 3 hours of recorded training each year and 16 hours of training in 5 years.

To remain authorised to test you must complete the required training. You must also pass your mot annual assessment at the end of March.

If you qualified after April 1st you will not need to begin training until April 1st the following year.


As a tester, you are responsible for your own training.

It is not the responsibility of your boss or the garage you work for.  It is your responsibility as an MOT professional to

    1. plan and complete your own training.
    2. keep records of your training as evidence
    3. book, take and record your annual assessment

Many garages will supply training but ultimately you will be held responsible by the VE and the DVSA.

What do I need to study for annual MOT training?

Each year the DVSA release a curriculum. It is this series of topics upon which the annual assessment will focus and hence your training should centre around these topics.

DVSA Annual Training Curriculum (2019 -20)


You will need to plan your study of three main areas

  • the MOT Inspection Manuals
  • the MOT Testing Guide
  • Special Notices.

The DVSA published the MOT inspection manuals and the MOT testing guide on their website along will all special notices

How should I study?

You can train as part of a group, with another tester or on your own.

  • Study the MOT inspection manuals, the testing guide and special notices
  • discuss what you are learning with other testers or MOT professionals
  • demonstrate what you are learning to a fellow tester
  • learn from more experienced testers

For example, you can take the curriculum and structure reading of the MOT Inspection Manuals etc make notes and then discuss or demonstrate what you have learned to colleagues.  You can also consult more experienced testers at your garage.

External Training Suppliers – more experienced testers

You can pay for an external course of annual training or even get a trainer to come to your place of work.  This can be expensive not only in terms of the direct cost, but also in the amount of time it can take you or your testers out of the working environment meaning not MOTs get done. On many occasions this training is combined with an annual assessment at the end of the three-hour training session.


You could purchase an online e-learning course.  These can be very convenient because training can be undertaken in small bite-sized pieces usually on any device, even smart phones.  This means training can be done at anytime and working hours need not be disturbed.

The joy of buying training is that the subject matter and the training is written for you and relevant to the curriculum.  It follows that you can save a lot of time and worry undertaking e-learning.

How do I keep a record of my annual MOT tester training?

You must record your annual training each year as part of your requirement to stay qualified to test as you will then have proof of training. There are several aspect of your training that you must record.

You must keep your training log for 5 years.

The DVSA can take disciplinary action against you if you do not keep a record. This can affect your status as a tester.

You should record the following

  • the mot training year for example – 2019-20
  • the date you undertook any training
  • how long you spent training
  • the topics covered
  • notes explaining how you trained, what you did and what you learned
  • the vehicle groups you covered
  • your name and your tester ID

A handy MOT Training Record is available in the resources section of the MOT Juice website. You can print this and use it to manually record any training you do. You will of course need to keep this paper record for 5 years.

Tester Training Record Template (2019-20)

How do I stay qualified as an MOT Tester?

To stay qualified and retain your authority to conduct MOT Testing you must do the following.

  • complete a minimum of 3 hours training each year
  • record your annual training progress and this needs to be readily available to the VE should you get an inspection.
  • take and pass an annual assessment multiple choice exam – try our Mock Annual Assessment for free
  • register your annual assessment on the DVSA website before midnight on the 31st March each year.
  • make sure that you complete 16 hours training every 5 years. That means in at least one year you complete an extra hour of training or you do little extra bits of training each year.

to summarise

  • complete 3 hours of training each year and
  • Record your MOT annual training and keep it for 5 years
  • Achieve a minimum of 16 hours of training in 5 years
  • Book and take your annual assessment and log your assessment result
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