What is an MOT Quality Management System

An MOT Quality Management System Feedback Loop

An MOT Quality Management System Defined

An MOT Quality Management System or QMS is a set of policies, processes and procedures required for planning, execution and improvement in the core business areas of your MOT business.

Essentially it is a method or system for ensuring that your VTS is at, or reaches, a state of compliance to the DVSA requirements in all areas. That your staff are qualified and have the resources to deliver the correct outcome of an MOT. That Your premises are suitable and maintained to the correct standard. You are fulfilling your administration responsibilities and you get more effective and efficient over time.

Well, that’s all well and good  but how does it work in the real world? Let me explain my take on it.

An MOT Quality Management System can be as simple or as complicated as it needs to be but, above all, it just needs to be effective and work for you.

Starting at the beginning a Quality Management System comprises four elements.

The Four Components of an MOT QMS

MOT Quality Management System
The MOT Quality Management System

Check, Act, Plan and Do

To help me explain I am going to use a QMS with which  you should be familiar – the QC Check. You can apply the principles here to pretty much any area of your business.  The DVSA make recommendations as below.

A QMS is an iterative process meaning you follow it through and then repeat it as many times as you need to, have time for or want to.


QC Check a tester. Follow them through the MOT procedure taking note of any failings in the application of testing methods and standards.


Identify any areas for improvement with the tester and any lack of resources.


If any extra training is required, any equipment needs repair or replacement, the premises needs improvement plan what it is that needs to be done.


Complete any training, buy or repair missing or broken tools and make any improvements to the MOT bay or premises you need to do.


On the next QC Check confirm that any weaknesses identified in the process last time have been addressed. Check for any more deficiencies etc etc.

Download our QC Check forms – free to use and distribute

QC Checklist Motorcycles

QC Checklist Cars

More QMS

The same principle applies throughout your VTS, including Site Audits and TQI – you must follow the Check, Act, Plan, Do process and repeat on a regular, monthly basis.

The key is to follow through on your actions and to repeat the process

Why do the DVSA want us to employ QMS

Because the DVSA is looking to improve the quality of MOT Tests and this can be done with good quality management.

A principle of good quality management is the application of a Quality Management System.  A QMS is a process you apply to your business.

QMS are processes proven to work in helping businesses improve.  They can be applied by anyone and you do not need fancy equipment or expensive training to do it.

You do not need a computer. It helps to record the information and can act as a central location for all the data but a well organised arch lever file can do the same essential task.

The DVSA recommend that good quality management would have quality management processes covering the following areas

  • People
  • Training
  • Procedures
  • Equipment
  • Assurance
  • Improvement
The 6 areas an MOT Quality Management System should cover.

Original Graphic sourced from the DVSA blog What does good quality management look like from Matters of Testing

How can a quality management system help me manage my mot garage? What are the benefits?

There are many benefits to employing quality management systems within your business, not just ones that suit the DVSA.

1. Compliance to DVSA regulations

A QMS can help you break this burden of compliance down into more manageable chunks. It will provide structure and routine around the processes you undertake every day and provide you with the reassurance that things that must be done are actually getting done and getting done right.

2. Improve your service to clients

The aim is that your business and staff will become more effective, efficient and profitable at delivering the correct outcome of an MOT for the client and delivering a better customer service.

3. Improve your profitability

Deliver better customer service so you can charge more. Become more efficient at what your do and you will spend less to get the same productivity. All you have to do now is protect your business from threats.

4. Protect your MOT licence

You and your testers will conduct the application and administration of MOT tests to a higher standard and will therefore protect your authorisation from any potential penalty points or even cessation notices.

Eventually these systems will free you from working in your business and allow you to work on your business. With a well designed MOT Quality Management System you will have a four step process through which you and your staff can run your business.

Build a Culture of Quality

The ultimate goal of the DVSA is for you to build a culture of quality within your business. This will have enormous benefits down the line and if you can get it started it is self perpetuating by its very nature.

Quality Culture Feedback Loop

Final Words

An MOT Quality Management System is just a simple process.  It will take discipline to implement these processes in your business but it will be better for it.  I believe that processes run the business.  You just need the people to run the processes.

MOT Juice can help you operate your business effectively.  MOT Juice is a platform designed to help you run QMS.  Let us help you to develop a quality culture at your VTS.

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