Mot Exemption May be Revoked at Any Time

MOT Exemption may be revoked at any time

From 30th March 2020, for 1 year, the Government will issue a 6 month MOT exemption. MOT vehicle tests will not be required for 6 months.

Our sources tell us this policy may be revoked at any time. Once lockdown is over it offers a glimmer of hope for struggling MOT garages to be able to get back on their feet.

This policy will be put in place for the next 12 months but will remain in place only if necessary. How will this work?

A glimmer of hope for testers and MOT businesses

MOT Exemption policy will be under constant review

That means that every vehicle with an MOT on or after 30th March that expires in the next 12 months will NOT automatically have the expiry of the MOT move forwards by six months on 30th March.

Expiry dates for MOTs will only be changed in the lead up to the expiry date itself.

What does the DVSA say about expiry date changes under the MOT Exemption policy?


“It (the expiry date of the MOT) will not be updated straight away, so keep checking back if your new due date MOT is not yet showing.”


You can check the expiry date of your vehicle here – Check MOT expiry date

How will MOT exemption dates change?

For Example

A car has a current MOT expiry date of 14th May. That expiry date will remain unaltered until 7th May  when it will be extended forwards by 6 months.

Should the government revoke this policy due to improvements in the corona virus situation before 7th May  the original expiry date of 14th May will remain in place.  The driver will therefore be required to book an MOT test as per normal.

What are the implications for MOT garage owners and testers?

When coronavirus restrictions are lifted we can get back a much needed revenue source as quickly as possible. We will not have to wait until October for MOT work to start again.

We will be able to employ and pay MOT testers and provide an important service to the public and vital contribution to road safety.

If the length of time this policy remains in place is kept as short as possible it will minimise the  negative impact of a lack of MOT work from 30th March onwards for years into the future.

As MOT garages we see incidences of dangerous cars every week.  Bald tyres, poor brakes, lights not working etc. Telling motorists they don’t have to get an MOT is, in my opinion, a license for people not to maintain their cars. Sometimes the MOT is the only time a car will see the inside of a garage in a year.  Let’s hope we get control of the coronavirus outbreak, end the lock down and this law is revoked as soon as possible.

It’s not all about us. Many people will be suffering in so many ways that make our problems pale into insignificance.  Lives will be lost.  We know this to be true but we are looking to the future. We will get through this and we will be part of the recovery.  Stay safe, look out for each other and keep washing your hands


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3 thoughts on “Mot Exemption May be Revoked at Any Time”

  1. How about when the vehicles that are exempt and are tested again revert to the original date of expiry that would have been issued if it had been tested on it original date

    1. Keith,

      I don’t think that will happen. Any exempt vehicle will be tested and given a year from that date as far as I understand.

      Your idea would be a good one as it would get all MOT’s back into order for the following year.

  2. I think with safe distancing in place and high levels of hygiene inside the car, MOT’s should have continued. Why? Because it’s all about safety. This now means unsafe vehicles will be on the road. How could that be a good thing? As soon as the first key worker is involved in a road accident and it transpires the MOT has lapsed, it will be front-page news.

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