System Update – New Training Courses Library

It’s almost the end of yet another DVSA Training and Assessment year – except this time it’s unlike any we’ve had before (for a lot of testers).

April 30th marks the end of the 5th year of training and assessments, which also means that for the majority of testers, they’ll need to be able to evidence not only that they’ve been completing 3 hours of DVSA curriculum training each year, but also 16 hours since April 1st 2016.

If you’re not able to evidence this training, you may be in danger of suspension on May 1st 2021.

If you’ve lost records of your training history (or even if you just forgot to do it entirely), then you can now purchase Backfill Training Modules from MOT Juice that will allow you to complete 3 hours of curriculum training for all previous years. 

You can take all years of DVSA Training for the last five years. By taking these courses, you will have demonstrable evidence to show to a VE that you are up to date with your MOT Tester Training. This will be a big tick next to you name, should you be audited. 

We also recognise the importance of continuing professional development. Therefore, we will soon be offering additional courses for Testers and Site Managers including ‘Manage Your MOT Centre Awareness Course‘Vehicle Identification Course’ and more to ensure that you are staying up to date with your professional development. These will also be available through the MOT Juice VTS Training Centre Course Library.  We will be adding to this library regularly with new MOT and automotive specific courses. 

As a tester, you must request the courses from the bill payer of your account. You can do this by finding the course you wish to purchase and click ‘request’. Once it has been accepted, the course will be available in the ‘Enrolled Courses’ tab.  

Clients can choose to purchase courses for testers and site managers by purchasing course credits. Once the course credits are available, testers and site managers can redeem them, or they can be allocated by the client. 

Click here to log into your MOT Juice account and explore the new Training Course Library today.

If you’d like to speak to us about our DVSA Training Backfill courses, or any of our other courses please email us at, or call us on 01293 911 120.

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