MOT Training & Exam Extension & the 2021-22 Curriculum

April 1st usually marks the start of a new annual DVSA training and assessment year.

However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the DVSA have allowed the 2020-21 year to be extended by 1 month with the deadline now set to 30th April 2021.

This means that throughout the month of April, any MOT tester who has still not completed their 3 hours of annual training and/or annual assessment has got one last chance to catch up.

MOT Juice will continue to supply the 2020-21 annual assessment throughout April. Any exam purchased up until 30th April 2021 will be the 2020-21 assessment.

We have also made the full 3 hours of 2020-21 training available through our system for anyone that still needs access to it.

Due to this extension, MOT Juice will hold off releasing the 2021-22 annual training and assessment until 1st May 2021.

This is to prevent any cross-over between the 2 curriculum years and ensure that everyone has a chance to catch up before the new year starts.

If you still need to purchase your 2020-21 annual assessment, you can do so here:

Every exam purchase includes 2 free resits.

If you need to complete your 3 hours of 2020-21 annual training, please get in touch with our friendly support team on 01293 911 120 or and we’ll help you get access to the training you need.

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