Annual Assessment Absolute Deadline of 23:50 this Friday 30th April

With just 2 days left until the extended deadline for completing the annual assessment, according to the DVSA, 16% of all testers are still to pass!

We have been providing extended support in the evenings for issuing the 2 free resits you get with our exam – just email and we’ll sort you out, and give you some tips on how to pass next time too.

But please don’t leave it too late…

The last time exams will be uploaded to DVSA is 23:50 on 30th April.

Any exam finished after 23:50 will not be uploaded and the tester WILL be suspended from testing. That means if you start your exam after 22:50, you risk not finishing in time before the final upload.

Even if you have passed your exam, please remember that it is your responsibility to ensure your exam result is uploaded into your MTS account before the deadline.

The DVSA has to be informed of testers’ exam results by the exam provider – the tester can not input it themselves. There have been a number of instances where the exam provider has not been able to upload testers’ results into the MTS. This is often because the DVSA ID and DOB input by the tester at the start of their exam doesn’t match the DVSA data held.

If your exam result is not displayed or is displayed incorrectly in your MTS account, you need to:

  • Check your date of birth is correct in your MTS account. If it is not, you should get in contact with the DVSA, so that they can correct this.
  • Contact the exam provider (ABC Awards), who will be able to retry the MTS upload for you. You can reach them by either of the following: or 01158 541398

Again, please don’t leave this too late, as we cannot guarantee that anyone at ABC Awards will be available on Friday evening to do this for you, and there is nothing we can do our end if not…

If your exam results are not uploaded into the MTS before the DVSA deadline (23:50 on Friday 30th April) you will be suspended, and unable to operate, until you have completed the following:

  • All 3 hours of 2021-22 DVSA training;
  • 2021-22 annual assessment;
  • DVSA Demonstration Test (this has been re-introduced this year)

Nobody wants that outcome, so please just take 5 minutes to check that your MTS account is all in order.

If you still need to purchase your annual assessment, you can do so here:

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