May the 4th be with you, MOT Testers

May the Forth be with you

Holy Sith, Star Wars Day is upon us again! As well as Star Wars references, May the 4th brings a new MOT training year, and a chance to reflect and prepare for the battle that lies ahead. As restrictions are lifted, newly empowered Stormtroopers from The Empire are marching towards test centres faster than an Ewok on a runaway speeder bike… will you be ready?

Lessons to be learned with Luke Skywalker

“The greatest teacher, failure is.”

I think we would all agree that this years’ annual assessment was the hardest yet, with many more testers needing multiple attempts than previous years. It also appears that lots of testers put off attempting their exam until the last minute, despite the extension. Last April, we had 86 exams taken, whereas this April we had 940 exams taken, with 220 resits!

Failure is the best teacher because it teaches you how not to do something. What Yoda is telling Luke is that just because it did not work the first time, does not mean that it will happen every time, or that it defines him. It is how we overcome these obstacles that allow us to grow and learn. Avoiding something that is difficult just adds stress and builds it up to be more daunting than it needs to be. Resist your biggest challenge – the fear of failure – and start training for your next exam now…


This year, why put yourself through that end of year pressure when you can make a start on your DVSA Training and Assessment today, and change the course of your destiny?

If you spread your 3 hours of annual training throughout the year, you’d only have to complete 15 minutes a month to stay up-to-date. This would mean that by this time next year you’d have finished your 180 minutes of your training completely!

Our Annual Training allows you to do exactly that – it is delivered in monthly easy to digest 15 minute sessions, which can be paid for monthly or annually, and accessed online 24/7 including on a mobile. You can complete these whenever you like throughout the year, and they can be re-visited anytime (ie: before you take your annual assessment) Over 90% of our Testers give positive feedback on this structure, as it saves the mad panic at year end for them.

After all, training should be about continuous development, not just cramming to pass an exam.

C-3PD (Continued Professional Development)

“Much to learn, even a Jedi Master still has.”

The MOT Testing Guide states that testers have an “ongoing requirement” to stay on top of current information such as Special Notices, Matters of Testing, changes to the Inspection Manual and more. You need to be able to demonstrate to the DVSA that you have a structure and process for continuous professional development.

The way the DVSA regulates us is gathering pace – in the 6 years from 2010 to 2016, there were just 3 Special Notices, whereas in the following 3 years from 2017 to 2020, there were 14 Special Notices issued! We know that often there is not time to really read and absorb every special notice that comes out – most of us have been guilty of quickly scrolling to the bottom of a Special Notice and acknowledging it so that we can get on with our work, thinking “I’ll read that later…”

Our CPD training is delivered in the same format as our annual training. However, as we’re not restricted by the annual curriculum, this gives us a platform to talk about things that are current and relevant. We talk to the DVSA and VE’s all the time, and to testers that have had VE visits, so we tell you what it is that VE’s are picking on, and make sure that you are prepared for those questions when they come. CPD helps you to understand the “Why” behind the DVSA regulations, and to evolve with the times before it’s too late.

Even if you’ve been a tester for years, you should still aspire to be a lifetime learner – like Yoda.

Start your 30-day free trial of MOT Juice today and receive 1 free DVSA training module and 1 free CPD module.

The Dark Side

“Do. Or do not. There is no try.”

The subjects covered in last years’ curriculum gave us an insight into the DVSA’s agenda for the year ahead – ensuring that all testers are aware of and familiar with their disciplinary points system etc. As restrictions are eased, expect to see more VE’s out in force in the months ahead…

With the arrival of Special Notice 03-20, the DVSA have shifted gears. The application of the sanctions applied by the DVSA have been merciless – we have seen targeted, coordinated inspections to major operators. There has been exposure of fraud at dealerships as well as small independents simply by the DVSA looking at the data. We have seen cessation notices for what could be classed as mistakes made by the staff in the workshop. In reality poor, inadequate management was the cause.

We see this battle ending one way only – conform or suffer the consequences. Before that happens however there will be some collateral.  Don’t let it be you. Whether you’re a tester, manager or business owner, you need to make sure you are fulfilling all your responsibilities to comply with the MOT testing service requirements. We can help you across your business no matter the size.

Star Wars Day may happen only once a year but remember: The Force of MOT Juice will be with you. Always.

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As the end credits roll, here are some Star Wars customised cars for you to enjoy…

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