Get the 2021/22 MOT Training year off to a flying start

Get your MOT training year off to a flying start

In the blink of an eye, a new MOT Training Year is here! With this comes a chance to overtake the competition and get your year off to a flying start. Why not put your 2021/22 Annual DVSA Training and Assessment in your rear view mirror now, so that you can focus on the road ahead…

Unlike the Monaco Grand Prix, this year will be anything but predictable, with the fallout from the pandemic and the resulting MOT extension wreaking havoc on our MOT diaries and bottom lines.

As a result of 6 month MOT extension last March, many MOT bays are relatively quiet at the moment. For many years to come, we will see a massive reduction in MOT demand from April to October each year, then a surge over the winter months. However, this creates a window of opportunity to get your training, exams and compliance on autopilot now, before the silly season starts again.

Will you want to still have to do your 3 hours training and exam in March 2022?!

At MOT Juice we have already uploaded the whole years’ DVSA Training and CPD modules onto our system, so you can complete your 2021/22 annual training and examination online anytime.

In fact, several of our testers have already passed their 2021/22 annual assessment with flying colours!

Join them on the podium and beat that end of year stress, by getting your annual MOT Training and Assessment done in the calm before the storm…

Download the 2021/22 DVSA Training Curriculum

If you’re not already a MOT Juice customer, why not take us up on our exciting Essentials Bundle offer…

Buy your annual assessment and training for just £69.99 + VAT.

Or have a go at one of our training modules for free, to see how quick and easy it is to stay compliant…

Start your 30-day free trial of MOT Juice today and receive 1 free DVSA training module and 1 free CPD module.

MOT Testers love our fun and flexible MOT Training!


“Great system. Allows NT’s to get bite size training every month.”

“Very good idea to keep on top of training.”

“The system is very good, it logs CPD and training for DVSA records and gives a consistent platform for tester training.”

“I find MOT juice makes the MOT scheme easier to use, it puts everything into a way that is simple to under stand and makes training easy to handle.”

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