Development Update – May ’21

Here at MOT Juice, we’re constantly evolving our software to ensure we are constantly delivering the best products for our members.

Here’s what we’ve been up to during May 2021.

New Training Module Question Formats

Introducing 2 new training module question formats – Fill in the Blank and Open Ended – Over the next few months you may start to see us use these new question formats to make the training modules more engaging.

With these 2 new question formats, we can now offer a much more valuable learning experience and accommodate for more learning styles.

New Training Module Review Process

When you reach the end of a training module, you’ll see a new page helping you make the most of the review stage. We’ve moved the ‘what did you learn’ stage to after the review so that you can complete the module, review the questions and answers, then specify what you learnt/gained from the training session.

Re-take Training Modules

We’ve added the ability to re-take any previously completed training modules. This allows you to improve your score if you’ve learnt something you perhaps didn’t know first time round, or even revise the training prior to taking your Annual Assessment.

Updated Knowledge Base

Version 2.0 of our knowledge base is now live. We’ve made it easier to find answers to common questions and arranged them all by category.

Updated Resources Page

Version 2.0 of our resources page is now live. We’ve made it easier to find useful documents such as templates, posters, checklists and more that can be downloaded from your MOT Juice account.


Most of our development is born from ideas submitted to us by our members. If you have an idea of how the MOT Juice platform can be improved, please feel free to submit your feedback to us at


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